Kirsty Kerr is an interdisciplinary artist~curator, working on projects that span contemporary art, cultural heritage and community engagement.

Her work draws~out~from, and joins~in~with, its surrounding contexts: from site~specific installations and encounters, to playful approaches to exhibition space; from public programmes embedded in localities, to creative interpretations of under~told histories.

Kirsty’s practice holds together points of tension and contradiction ~ old and new, hidden and visible, whole and in part ~ drawing on her experiences of living in/between mixed spaces and identities, such as race, class, culture and religion. With care and attentiveness, she explores ways to illuminate the unnoticed or reconfigure the discarded. Often working with spaces outside of the formal gallery, she subverts and interrogates where, how, and by whom art is encountered or overlooked.

Kirsty’s projects have taken place in local parks, community cafés, shop~front windows, office stairwells, care homes, archives, vitrines, a repurposed pub, a refugee centre, on housing estates and in historic churches. Producing contemporary interventions for heritage spaces, she has a particular fascination for sites of worship, and unearthing the sacred in the everyday.

Kirsty has worked with Create London, V&A East, Wellcome Collection, Museum of the Home, Museums Galleries Scotland, London Metropolitan Archives, UK New Artists, Art UK and gal~dem, amongst others. She is an Associate Curator with Culture& and Spitalfields Studios, and an alumna of the New Museum School. She has exhibited across the UK and is currently based in Glasgow, with roots in London and Luzon.

“Kirsty’s work is a litany of collaborative rephrasing… it seems Kirsty would like us to know that there is a recreative beauty lingering dormant in the most discarded and unwanted people, places and things.”

~ Lucinda May, Artist~in~Continuum Residency Director

“Kirsty is an innovative curator committed to opening up arts and heritage collections to more diverse audiences and programming content that speaks to their cultural needs... a great asset to any organisation she collaborates with.”

~ Dr Errol Francis, Culture& Artistic Director


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