Material Transcendence

Delighted to be part of Material Transcendence, an exhibition curated by Ruth Smith Gallery, alongside artists James D.W. Clarke and Youngeun Shin. I will be sharing recent work from my Shards and Seams series, re~interpreted for Worlds End Studios, including a site~specific intervention across the venue's stairwells.

‘The material, physical world and the transcendent, metaphysical aspects of life have often been positioned at odds, but a selection of works by Youngeun Shin, Kirsty Kerr, and James D.W. Clarke demonstrate their inseparability and mutual dependence. Material Transcendence is an exhibition about experience, rooted in the physical but going beyond.

...Kirsty Kerr’s installation drawing on substances that heal demonstrates the transformation of something broken to fixed, and from no value to great worth. The gold threads running through her Seams wall hanging speak of her interest in ‘kintsugi’, an ancient Japanese technique of fusing together the shards of broken pots with gold, which increases the vessel’s original worth whilst recounting its trauma. The studies for Kirsty’s hanging Shards go deeper into the materialisation of an idea, describing the transformation of the conceptual to the physical.’ 

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Ruth Smith Gallery's Worlds End Studios Art Project brings together artists to create visual dialogues in public spaces. See more here.

October 11, 2018
Worlds End Studios

Ruth Smith Gallery, Worlds End Studios Art Project