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Shards and Seams

Shards and Seams (exhibition detail), 2018.

Shards and Seams (2018) was the culmination of a 6~month residency with Husk Creative Space, responding to the heritage of the building, formerly the Danish Seamen’s Mission. The show comprised a series of site~specific interventions and installations, centring around a historic, disused organ above the gallery space, and its anticipated journey to restoration.

Artist, Curator
Visual Art, Exhibition, Site~Specific Installation

Husk Creative Space, Chiaya Art Awards, OXO Gallery, Heath Street Church

Shards and Seams (exhibition detail), 2018.

Shards and Seams was an invitation, a space to quietly reflect and an opportunity to really see and appreciate the small details that we miss when we’re rushing through life. Instead of throwing something out the moment it breaks, it was a quiet reminder to see potential, not just the broken places. To see what something or someone could become.”

~ Francesca Willow, Artist and Writer

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I co~founded Husk’s Continuum Residency Programme for local artists in 2015, and was invited back as a participating artist in 2017~18.

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