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Cinematically Posthuman

Cinematically Posthuman (2019) was a short~film programme I curated as part of Cyborgs, a live event at the Wellcome Collection with arts organisation, Culture&.

From pre~robotic automata as imagined by the European modernist avant~garde, to the dawn of the computer age and the advent of Afrofuturism, the programme showcased moving~image artists exploring the potential of the body in relation to the technologies of the eras in which they were working.

Co~Curator, Curatorial Assistant
Curatorial, Public Programmes, Film, Research

Culture&, Wellcome Collection, LUX Moving Image, New Museum School

Cyborgs was a public programme by Culture& in collaboration with Wellcome Collection. I curated Cinematically Posthuman and assisted the curation of Cyborgs through the Culture& New Museum School programme.

Curator Project